Computer-Based Single-Pilot Resource Management (SRM) Training Program

Did you know that we have entered a peculiar time in aviation where the aircraft flown are statistically safer than the pilots who fly them?

The National Transportation Safety Board reports that 97% of General Aviation (GA) accidents are caused by pilot error.

Now you can upgrade your aviation safety skills online with Online Single-Pilot Resource Management (OSRM), an advanced, affordable and entertaining multimedia training course.

What have you done lately to reduce your risk of pilot error?

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In approximately 75-90 minutes you will complete the following three training units:

1. Introduction to SRM and overview of aviation safety statistics

2. Workload management

3. Situation awareness

In each module you will learn from real world scenarios and be guided by two animated coach characters. Your coaches will introduce the safety concepts, provide important background information, deliver quizzes and exercises to practice the concepts, and guide you to successful completion of the training program.

The training program will track your progress through OSRM so you can take breaks and restart when convenient. You will also complete a fun but challenging quiz at the end of each module to test your knowledge.

Once you complete all modules, you can obtain your OSRM Safety Certificate of Completion.


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