Organizational Commitment Scales (TCM Employee Commitment Survey)

There are two versions of the TCM Commitment Survey - original and revised. Each is designed to measure three forms of employee commitment to an organization:

1. desire-based (affective commitment)
2. obligation-based (normative commitment)
3. cost-based (continuance commitment).

Employees respond to a series of statements pertaining to their relationship with the organization and their reason for staying.

In the original version of the survey, there are eight statements for each of three commitment scales: the Affective Commitment Scale (ACS), the Normative Commitment Scale (NCS) and the Continuance Commitment Scale (CCS).
In the revised version there are six statements for each form of commitment. The survey can be administered alone, or can be imbedded in more extensive paper & pencil or web-based organizational surveys.

Instructions for using, scoring and interpreting the survey results are provided. Sources for obtaining more information about the commitment scales, as well as for the management of employee commitment, are also provided.

TCM is available for free for Academic use. Please visit for details.

Potential Applications:

• Corporations and HR Consulting Companies


• Questionnaires are provided without instructions regarding various options for analysis of results.

Patent Information:


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